Rise & Shine Yoga
SEPTEMBER 18, 1 PM Central Daylight Time

This 30-minute yoga class will jump-start your day with playful movement, deep breaths, and positivity. Options will be provided so you can practice at the intensity level that best suits your morning mood. After class, you'll be ready to seize the day, go for a run, or savor a cup of coffee!

This class is offered on Lokafit, a new online fitness platform for for local instructors and students. To register for Lokafit and sign-up for class:

1. Go to https://lokafit.com/instructors/8 to see my library of on-demand classes and schedule of upcoming livestream classes.

2. To take a livestream class, register for class no later than 5 minutes after class begins. Or, take the class on-demand anytime you darn well please!

Your first class on Lokafit is free. For additional classes, you can purchase a Lokafit credit package or pay $7.50 per individual class.