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Yoga for Pre- & Post-Workout Routines

Want to learn how to incorporate yoga into your workouts and sport-y adventures for enhanced performance and recovery? In this Yoga for Athletes workshop, we will:

- Discuss the mind-body benefits of incorporating yoga into your warm-up and post-workout routines.

-Practice a dynamic yoga sequence that can be performed as a warm-up before a training session or competition.

-Practice a variety of poses that can be incorporated into a post-workout routine to address muscular imbalances and promote recovery.

-Discuss sport-specific considerations for the routines.

All levels of athletic or yoga experience are welcome; no prior yoga experience is required. Wear clothes that are comfortable for vigorous movement. The studio has yoga mats and props that you can borrow if you do not bring your own.

Cost: $25 via cash, check, or online: http://www.yogagardenmpls.com/events

Save $15 if you pre-register for the full Yoga for Athletes: 3-Part Workshop Series to Meet Your Goals for 2020:

Part I: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Pre- & Post-Workout Routines
- Sunday 1/12 @ 2-3:30pm
Part II: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Athletic Recovery
- Saturday 3/21 @ 2–3:30pm
Part III: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Balance & Durability
- Sunday 4/18 @ 1–4pm

YOGA Garden is on the 3rd floor of the Northrup King Building:

1450 Van Buren Street NE Ste #314

Minneapolis, MN 55413