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Yoga for Balance & Durability

In the first two workshops of the Yoga for Athletes: 3-Part Workshop Series to Meet Your Goals for 2020, we learned yoga poses and breathwork that can be easily incorporated into our athletic warm-up, cool-down, and recovery sessions. In this final workshop of the series, we’ll look at the bigger picture of how yoga can be incorporated into a balanced training plan. This workshop is great for athletes, coaches, yogis, yoga instructors, and anybody who wants to dive deeper into the “how” and “why” of yoga for athletes. With warmer spring temperatures and summer sports/races on the horizon, this is a great time to plan out how to balance increased physical activity with a regular yoga practice so that you can be a more durable (i.e., strong and injury-free) athlete.

In this Yoga for Athletes Workshop, we will:

- Consider intensity and type of yoga practice in relation to training cycles.

- Discuss how yoga benefits and challenges athletes from a sport psychology perspective.

- Discuss sport-specific considerations to keep in mind when practicing yoga or teaching yoga to athletes.

- Practice poses to strengthen, stretch, and relax common areas of tightness and imbalances to enhance durability (i.e., ability to thrive under pressure and prevent injury).

- Learn how to modify and use props to make poses more accessible and comfortable.

- Discuss the power of self-talk and instructional language in relation to creating a safe and non-competitive space for yoga.

All levels of athletic or yoga experience are welcome; no prior yoga experience is required. Wear clothes that are comfortable for movement. The studio has yoga mats and props that you can borrow if you do not bring your own.

Cost: $45, via cash, check, or online http://www.yogagardenmpls.com/events

Save $15 off your total order if you pre-register for the full 3-Part Yoga for Athletes Workshop Series:

Part I: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Pre- and Post-Workout Routines
- Sunday 1/12 @ 2-3:30pm
Part II: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Athletic Recovery
- Saturday 3/21 @ 2–3:30pm
Part III: Yoga for Athletes: Yoga for Balance & Durability
- Sunday 4/18 @ 1–4pm

YOGA Garden

1450 Van Buren St. NE Suite, #140, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413