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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga is an excellent tool for sport performance enhancement and injury prevention. A regular yoga practice not only enhances strength, flexibility, and balance, but also teaches athletes how to use breath and mindfulness to remain calm and focused during training and competition. Combining her expertise in alignment-based yoga with a PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Yoga for Athletes mentorship under Sage Rountree, Amanda's sport-specific yoga sessions incorporate mental skills training (e.g., goal setting, focus strategies, imagery, anxiety management) to address the physical and mental sides of competition. Each session will be tailored toward the athletes' specific needs at different points in their training cycle.

Here's what Sage Rountree, PhD, E-RYT, author, The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga and Everyday Yoga has to say about Amanda's sport-specific teaching:

As a seasoned athlete and sport psychologist, Amanda is an especially kind and empathetic yoga teacher. She knows the challenges athletes face in body and mind, and exactly how athletes can use yoga to make themselves more balanced, flexible, confident, and courageous. Her teaching is beautifully clear, inviting athletes to find what works for them with recognition that sports can make a body tight, and that’s not a bad thing. Her sweet sense of humor is infused throughout her class, making every student feel comfortable and welcome. I loved taking her class and would take it regularly if I lived closer!

To arrange a private lesson for your team or club, contact Amanda via email (amanda.frayeh.yoga@gmail.com). Rates begin at $125 per hour, and are subject to change based on group size and other logistics.